Body Waxing

Our body-waxing professionals will use different waxes depending on the area of the body to be waxed.

For the sensitive bikini area we use a hard wax that has been specifically developed to gently and thoroughly remove unwanted hair from the bikini area. This makes your bikini wax a much more comfortable and non-irritating experience. For larger areas like the legs, we use a gentle soy based strip wax.

After waxing, any residue is removed and your skin is soothed with different calming lotions and oils depending on your needs. We have products that address ingrown hair issues as well. These may be used in house and available to take home.


  • Full Leg $65
  • Half Leg $39
  • Bikini $33
  • Bikini +* $65
  • Bikini ++* $79
  • Feet $17
  • Toes $11
  • Feet/Toes $24
  • Full arm $50
  • Half Arm $33
  • Underarm $28
  • Abdomen $14
  • Men's Back $55 and up
  • Men's Chest $65 and up

* bikini: removed outside the bathing suit
* bikini +: between a bikini and a bikini ++
* bikini ++: all hair removed in the bikini area